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Acupuncture can cause changes in the brain


British researchers, currently reported that the use of modern scientific means to check the effect of traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion found that it can cause changes in the corresponding parts of the brain nerve, which helps to analyze the complex principle of acupuncture.

Researchers at York University and other institutions in the United States academic journal "brain study" reported that 17 subjects received the hands of Hoku acupuncture, and at the same time to accept the brain scan. The researchers found that in those who thought to have a "feel" in the subject, and the treatment of pain related to a certain part of the brain nerve activity decreased.

"Qi" refers to the acupuncture process in patients with acid, hemp, swelling and other feelings, is considered an important condition for the effectiveness of acupuncture. If the patient does not have "get gas" and only feel pain, then acupuncture may be poor. The study found that in patients with only pain, the brain-related parts of the nerve complex changes: some parts of the nerve activity increased, while other parts of the nerve activity weakened.

Participating in the study of Hugh McPherson said the study will help clarify the acupuncture treatment mechanism.

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