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An antithrombotic agent is beneficial for tissue regeneration


Japanese researchers have found that the treatment of cerebral thrombosis thrombolytic agent t-PA can make the ischemic state of necrotic tissue to be regenerated and restore the function. The results of this study published in the new issue of the United States, "Blood" magazine.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo Medical Science Institute conducted experiments on experimental mice. They tied the arteries and veins of the hind legs of the rats to keep the gastrocnemius (calf) in an ischemic state. The rats were then divided into two groups. One group was given t-PA for 3 consecutive days and the other group It is not running. Fifteen days later, the researchers found that the calyx muscle of the mice that had been administered was restored to blood flow, and the motor function was almost indistinguishable from healthy mice.

The researchers believe that because t-PA is a clinically used medicament, the safety and ethical barriers are relatively small compared to regenerative care through transplanted cells. The use of t-PA to get the regeneration of necrotic tissue is likely to become a new means of regenerative medicine.

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