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Chocolate or can prevent stroke


A survey of nearly 50,000 people found that eating chocolate had a 22% lower chance of stroke or death compared to eating no chocolate, according to the British Daily Telegraph on Feb. 15. The risk of death has fallen by 46% for people who have had a stroke and are fond of chocolate.

Sasha Sahib, author of the survey, author of the University of Toronto, Canada, says more research is needed to determine whether chocolate really reduces the risk of stroke, or whether healthy people may eat more chocolate than others.

A study that co-authored with her colleagues found that 44,489 people who had a chocolate every week had a 22% lower chance of having a stroke than those who did not eat chocolate.

The second survey found. 1169 stroke patients eat 50 grams of chocolate a week, the risk of death than those who do not eat chocolate by 46%.

The researchers found that in all the historical data they found, only one related survey found that eating chocolate was not associated with stroke and death.

The researchers also warned: "eating too much chocolate will be fat, because chocolate also contains saturated fat."

The results of this study will be announced at the 62nd session of the American Society of Neurology.

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