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Wang Zhongcheng

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Comrade Wang Zhongcheng is currently the director of Beijing Institute of Neurosurgery, honorary president of Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Is one of the founders of the new Chinese neurosurgery. Nearly half a century, in neurosurgery clinical, teaching, scientific research and other aspects made outstanding contributions. Especially in the brain stem tumor, cerebral aneurysm, cerebrovascular malformations, spinal cord tumors, microscopic neurosurgery, nerve interventional therapy and nerve imaging, etc. have unique and significant contribution to create the world's first five. First, he is the world's most neurosurgical surgery more than 10,000 cases of people; second, he is the world's largest number of cerebrovascular malformation surgery, the most experienced neurosurgery experts; third, ten years ago he is the world On the success of several successful implementation of cerebral aneurysm surgery more than 1000 cases of neurosurgery experts, one of his successful removal of the diameter of 9cm in 1985, the largest aneurysm so far as the world's first case; fourth, nearly a decade, On the operation of more than 524 cases, the surgical mortality rate of less than 1%, ranking first in the world; fifth, he completed in recent years, spinal cord tumor resection surgery a total of 290 cases, no death, no paralysis, the world's leading position. He is a noble doctor, skilled, diligent and honest, considerate patient, by the patient's high praise and peer respect. At present the country has more than 7,000 neurosurgeons, of which 1/3 is under his leadership in the neurosurgery training out. He has brought out 35 masters, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher. Published 278 papers, published monographs 26, made 54 scientific research achievements, including 9 national results, 23 municipalities, 22 bureau level. He is now a member of the WHO Advisory Group of Neurosurgical Experts, the United States and Japan's Neurosurgery Society have hired him as an honorary member, twice by the American Institute of Biography as the annual world celebrities, also by the British Cambridge International Biography Center "International Medal of Honor ". In 1994, he was awarded the honorary director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 1997, he was awarded the outstanding communist party in Beijing. He was awarded the honorary medal of the spiritual civilization of the capital. He was elected as the top 15 representative of the party. In the same year, he won the highest award of science and technology achievement in Hong Kong, 1 million Hong Kong dollars donated to the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, for the capital health system personnel training; 1998 Wang Zhongcheng once again elected to the National Ninth National People's Congress, and for the members of the General Assembly. In 1999 won the "capital model" title, participated in the 50th anniversary of the National Day a series of celebrations, by General Secretary Jiang Zemin and other party and state leaders cordially received in 2000, won the "Bethune Medal." Tiantan Hospital Party Committee called on the hospital staff to study Wang Zhongcheng academicians: the courage to climb the peak of the spirit of the spirit of hard work; the spirit of the first patient service; rigorous scholarship of the scientific spirit; pioneering spirit of innovation.

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