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Wang Zhenyi

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Born in November 1924, Jiangsu Province, Xinghua people. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Affiliated Ruijin Hospital Lifetime Professor, Shanghai Institute of Hematology honorary director, doctoral tutor, hematologist, domestic thrombosis and hemostasis professional one of the pioneers. In 1984 graduated from Shanghai Fudan University School of Medicine, received a doctorate. Former Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine (formerly Shanghai Second Medical University) Department of pathophysiology director, director of basic medicine, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai Institute of Hematology, concurrently Ministry of Health Medical Science Committee of blood transfusion and hematology topics Members of the Committee, vice chairman of the Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Branch of the Society of Hematology, vice president of the Shanghai Branch of the China Education International Association, director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission Medical Committee, vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Association hematology, Chinese Medical Association Executive director of the Shanghai branch council. For the French Academy of Sciences foreign academician, the International Union of cardiovascular Union thrombosis hemostasis committee director. Has been rated as Shanghai Science and Technology hero, Shanghai education hero, the national health system advanced workers, the Shanghai Municipal Health System Silver Snake Award Special Award, the Shanghai Medical Honor Award; Hong Kong Science and Technology Foundation Award 2, including seeking (The United States, France, Switzerland), including the United States Cancer Research Award Kettering Medical Award; in the country won the national award (Natural Science Award and Science and Technology Progress Award ) 7 items. Published a total of 324 papers, including SCI included 79; editor of the monograph 5. Has trained doctoral students 11, 43 graduate students

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