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Zhang xuewen

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National famous Chinese medicine experts. Male, born in 1935, Shaanxi Hanzhong people. Former Shaanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the Department of Medicine, director of the Department, Dean and other staff. The current Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine professor, chief physician, college expert committee chairman, Beijing University of Chinese medicine part-time doctoral tutor. He served as executive director of the National Chinese Medicine Association, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Department of acute Chinese medicine encephalopathy collaboration group leader, Shaanxi Provincial Association of Science and Technology executive director of Shaanxi Province, vice president of Chinese medicine and other staff. In 1990 by the two countries to determine the first batch of the national 500 need to inherit academic experience one of the old Chinese medicine. Since 1991, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council. In 1991 was named Shaanxi Province has outstanding contributions to experts. Zhang old doctor nearly 50 years, coached more than 40 years, since 1978 to date, has trained epidemiology, Chinese medicine encephalology professional master graduate students 70, 4 doctoral students. In the field of acute Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine encephalopathy, febrile disease, difficult disease, blood circulation and many other areas have a high academic attainments, the "poison stagnation folder", "water stasis folder", "phlegm stuck" "Qi stagnation folder", "brain blood stasis" and other pathogenesis of the understanding of a lot of innovation, self-contained system. Successively published more than 60 papers in academic journals above the provincial level, published more than 10 academic monographs, won the national, provincial, bureau level science and technology achievement award more than 20 items 

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