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Shi Xuemin

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Tianjin Medical College First Affiliated Hospital professor, Chinese acupuncture experts, the state has the contribution of young experts, Tianjin experts, the national "seven five", "eight five", "nine five" meritorious service medalist. He created a Xingnao Kaiqiao acupuncture treatment of stroke has achieved remarkable results in the rule, the selection of points and techniques such as the Department of innovation, after 4005 cases of clinical observation confirmed that the efficacy was significantly better than traditional acupuncture and drug therapy The The acupuncture method can regulate excitatory amino acid metabolism, inhibit intracellular calcium overload, promote heat shock protein synthesis and regulate the expression of C-Fos gene in different brain regions. The results of the 1995 National Science and Technology Progress Award, the acupuncture research field won the highest award, and as the 1998 State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine 10 major scientific and technological achievements to promote the project in the country to promote the application; he first proposed acupuncture techniques And to carry out relevant research, the twisting and dipping method established a new definition and quantification operation, so that the traditional acupuncture techniques to the standardized and quantitative development; he applied acupuncture treatment of vascular dementia achieved significant efficacy and significantly better than the drug control group, from Multi-angle and brain cell nuclear gene transcription and regulation of the level of detection of acupuncture mechanism. He presided over the creation of China's largest clinical research center of acupuncture; he actively carry out foreign exchanges, to promote the acupuncture to the world to do a lot of fruitful work. In addition, he in some critically ill treatment and research, acupoints and meridian disease research, acupuncture training, also made a number of achievements. He won the national, provincial and ministerial level science and technology award 15, above the municipal honor title 19, training Dr. 12, published 17, published more than 30 papers. 

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