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Hong Zhaoguang


1939 years old Fujian Province in 1961 Shanghai First Medical College graduate. Assigned to Chaoyang Hospital Internal Medicine. 1981-1983 Higher Education Department was selected to the United States, Northwestern University, Chicago Medical College Department of Preventive Medicine and clinical hospital as a visiting scholar for two years. Professional: Cardiology Hypertension Coronary heart disease. 70 years and Professor Hua Luogeng developed into "Beijing Jiang pressure 0" (compound down Ping level), the annual output of over 100 million and "ulcer mixture", won the scientific research award 3 times. 80 years to participate in the World Health Organization "Monica program" "China - Beijing cardiovascular disease monitoring", "China's cardiovascular risk factors and trends in dynamic monitoring", "1984 National 500,000 people smoking survey", " The role of clinical and basic research "," Beijing 700,000 people stroke epidemiological research "and other research projects by the Ministry of Health second, third, Beijing second class, city health bureau first prize and so on 8. 90 years to participate in the "1991 National Hypertension Survey" "cardiovascular epidemic dynamic thermal monitoring", "the eastern outskirts of Beijing 110,000 people cardiovascular disease community intervention" "elderly quality of life and happiness" by the Ministry of Health Science and Technology Progress Second prize two, the city three prize one. Participated in the editor of "large-scale professional academic work 2.85 million words" "Practical Hypertension" "Oat lipid-lowering study" "Hypertension prevention" and other works, published more than 70 papers. In recent years to write science articles, and with the Chinese Medical Association, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, China Education Television co-production of 12 sets of large-scale television education series "to high blood bow." 1987-1992 Vice President of Beijing Anzhen Hospital. 1993 was selected "British Cambridge International Celebrity Biography Center" and "American International Celebrity Biography Center" celebrity record. Formed two, three, four Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Society, three, four Chinese cardiovascular disease editorial board. The current Ministry of Health vascular disease expert advisory committee deputy director, the national cardiovascular disease prevention and research leading group deputy head, executive director of China Hypertension Union, Beijing Anzhen hospital cadres health, elderly heart medicine director, professor, researcher.

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