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Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the second Chinese medicine hospital, located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, Sujiatun District Cedar Road No. 49, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine approved the focus of the specialist. Hospital is a three-level Chinese medicine hospital, the National Demonstration Hospital, Liaoning Province, key specialist hospitals, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Xinglin College. Hospital under the jurisdiction of the Shenyang Institute of thrombosis, the national three pharmacological laboratory of Chinese medicine and the National Second Class blood biology laboratory. Liaoning Provincial College of Traditional Chinese Medicine thrombosis professional committee set up in our hospital. The hospital was built in December 1988, the hospital covers an area of 21,384 square meters, construction area of 62,000 square meters, now set up 1,000 beds, the outpatient volume of nearly 1.5 million people. There are 27 clinical departments, 2 preparation room. Medical equipment, the total value of more than 50 million yuan, with Japan's Shimadzu DSA imaging system, the United States GE's open permanent magnet magnetic resonance, the German Siemens 16-story volume CT and Siemens AR-SP full-body spiral CT, the United States GE Vivid7 Choi Chao, the United States GE LOGIQ9 multi-level coded color ultrasound diagnostic system and HDI-3000 color Doppler ultrasound, the United States GE 500 mA X X-ray machine, Hitachi 800 mA Perspective photography device, X-ray photography device, Japan's automatic lipids Separation system, the Japanese production EXERA series Olympus electronic endoscope, Germany produced transcranial Doppler, Sweden AKTA protein purification analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer, the United States 988 laparoscopic diagnosis, treatment, scientific research equipment The

Since the establishment of the hospital, thrombosis specialist construction, highlighting the characteristics of Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, individual treatment, the effect is significant. Has received more than 20 provinces, more than 200 counties and cities of thrombotic disease patients, while the United States, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions have also come to medical treatment, a good reputation Yanghai both inside and outside. The hospital has developed a treatment of cerebrovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular thrombotic disease of pure Chinese medicine agent viper dragon anti-thrombosis, defrag youidong antithrombotic capsules, Tongmai capsules, Agkistrodon gold pills, anti-sticky lipid pill and other 14 specialist drug. Among them, the national patent product viper dragon antithrombotic pill (capsule), has always been the favor of patients with thrombosis, a clinical treatment of thrombotic diseases of choice for drugs. The hospital scientific research clinical preparation has won a number of national, provincial and municipal government awards. The hospital adhere to the development is the last word, to carry out high-tech interventional radiotherapy technology for critically ill patients opened up a green channel. On the basis of ensuring the characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment, stem cell therapy, gene therapy has become a new pursuit of the development of the hospital.

Hospital in 1997 led the establishment of Liaoning province thrombosis professional academic committee, published academic journals - "thrombosis research information exchange" is now called "Chinese thrombosis research". On June 5, 1997, a friendly hospital was established with the Korean Prefecture Hospital and an expert academic exchange was conducted every year. 1998 and the Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, the original Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully held the first international Chinese medicine treatment of thrombosis academic seminar, published by the Shenyang Publishing House, "thrombosis medicine," a book. In 2001, the Internet - China Thrombosis Research website was launched. April 2004 and Beijing Tiantan Hospital signed an agreement to become a technical cooperation hospital. In May 2004, director of the Chinese Medicine Association, Dean, chief physician of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, Professor Chi Mingyu, editor of "Chinese and Western medicine combined with thrombosis" published by the People's Health Publishing House, which marked the hospital in the treatment of thrombosis Disease from the clinical to the height of academic theory. In January 2006, Professor Chi Mingyu and other editor of the "clinical commonly used drug manual" by the Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House public offering. In February 2007, Professor Chai Mingyu and other people with hemiplegia rehabilitation training self-study tutorial "I help you in your own patients with hemiplegia limb rehabilitation method," a book published by the People's Health Publishing House. The former Ministry of Health Minister Zhang Wenkang, former vice minister of national health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor She Jing and other leaders have to visit the hospital to encourage the hospital to: "do deep, fine, fine, , To demonstrate the national hospital in the country as a good example. October 2010, the State Ministry of Health Vice Minister and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Guoqiang visit our hospital, fully affirmed the achievements of the hospital and made earnest hope: to further highlight the characteristics of Chinese medicine, vigorously carry forward the Chinese culture.The hospital has been awarded the Shenyang City health system Bethune Cup year after year, won the year of Shenyang City civilized unit pacesetter, and has access to Shenyang City, "51" advanced collective, Shenyang City, the top ten civilized service demonstration hospital, Liaoning Province, green advanced units, Liaoning Province, Model unit and so on, in 1999 the hospital has been the top ten units in Liaoning Province, the provincial civilized unit pacesetter, the national health system advanced collective, in 2000 won the national health system culture advanced collective title, Dean Comrade Chi Mingyu won the national labor model Glorious title. January 2003, the hospital was awarded the National Civilization Commission of the national spiritual civilization construction unit glorious title. In 2005 the hospital was awarded the National Civilization Commission civilized units. In 2006, the hospital in addition to the above-mentioned awards and the Liaoning Province, the model workers home; Liaoning Province integrity cups outstanding units; Shenyang area hospital management activities outstanding units. Looking forward to the 21st century, the hospital all the medical staff to "be vigilant, Jing Ji Shi Shi" as the motto, adhere to the "five to four grasping a policy" and "three adaptation" in the reform and development of the road to practice the scientific concept of development , And strive to improve the academic level and clinical medical level, and better serve the community, serving the majority of patients.

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