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Intravascular therapy is also safe and effective


A retrospective study in the United States shows that intravascular treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke is safe and effective even if the patient's vascular occlusion is located in the middle segment of the middle cerebral artery. (JAMA Neur0l. September 12 online version)

The study included a total of 522 cases, of which 288 patients underwent endovascular treatment, 234 patients received the best drug management. Intravascular therapy was performed at 10 stroke centers in the United States.

The results showed that patients who received stent thrombectomy or thrombus aspiration were more likely to achieve a good outcome (improved Rankin score assessment) at 90 days after stroke treatment, compared with 62.8% and 35.4% for drug treatment OR = 3.1). The incidence of symptomatic hemorrhagic stroke was similar in both groups, 5.6% in the endovascular treatment group and 2.1% in the drug treatment group (P = 0.10).

In addition, the researchers found that the younger, rapid recovery of blood perfusion, stroke severity score is low, the baseline infarct size of patients with less, the best prognosis after intravascular treatment.

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