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Recyclable stent specializes in "terrible" thrombosis



Recently, in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, intervening in the doctor's office, attending physician Zhang Wenguang is to give patients Zhang Li (a pseudonym) to follow the call and found that she recovered well. Zhang Li Zeng because of the upper abdominal aorta at any time may fall off the thrombus hanging line, the doctor for her implementation of the abdominal aorta recoverable stent implantation, fixation and crushing thrombosis, eliminating the fatal factors. After two weeks with the condition improved, the doctor took her stent again. Zhang Li 3 months ago was found in the thoracic and abdominal aorta with a large wall of thrombosis with portal vein thrombosis, the spleen has a large area of ischemic infarction. If you take a cut thrombectomy, may cause huge thrombosis, aggravate the bowel, kidney ischemia and even cause necrosis. For patients with abdominal aortic thrombosis, early use of stent compression, reduce the risk of thrombosis. According to the results of coagulation factor test, Zhang Li for easy thrombosis patients, intravascular stent implantation can easily secondary thrombosis, or long-term compression due to stent stimulation of the blood vessel wall caused by local vascular hyperplasia, causing vascular restenosis or even occlusion. Zhengzhou University, the first affiliated hospital intervention in a ward expert consultation, decided to use a recoverable stent implantation of the abdominal aorta compression fixed thrombus, compression crush thrombosis to accelerate thrombosis, thrombolysis and then remove the stent. After implantation of the stent, Zhang Li abdominal pain symptoms, 2 weeks after the angiographic review showed that most of the abdominal aortic thrombosis disappeared, leaving only a little attached to the thrombus. Subsequently, the doctor and Zhang Li implementation of stent removal surgery. The portal vein thrombosis was completely dissolved by portal vein catheterization.

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