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The 8th International Cerebrovascular Disease Summit Forum


The 8th International Cerebrovascular Disease Summit, jointly organized by Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region, World Stroke Organization (WSO) and Nanjing University School of Medicine, was held in Nanjing from July 6 to 8, 2012.The conference will invite well-known experts at home and abroad to discuss the hot issues of cerebrovascular disease and nerve intervention. The registered representative will receive 8 points for the National Continuing Medical Education Class I credits.

Meeting content and guiding ideology: aimed at the forefront of international cerebrovascular disease research, grasp the new trend of neurovascular intervention technology, emphasizing innovation, to encourage controversy, to promote the level of cerebrovascular disease research platform.

Symptoms include acute management of cerebrovascular disease, stroke registration, neurovascular intervention, thrombolysis and occlusion of vascular recanalization, risk factors for stroke control and drug therapy, transformation of medical applications, nerve repair and functional reconstruction, atherosclerosis , Neuroimaging progress, dementia and vascular cognitive impairment, affective disorders. The meeting will be involved in the intervention of the club, the participants can share the experience of intervention, intracranial and intravascular intervention in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases and interactive cases, and intracranial and internal arterial stenosis stent placement demonstration. The meeting also set up an international subcommittee in which English is an exchange language and a young physician forum that encourages young scholars to share their experiences and demonstrate their talents. Welcome to deliver relevant papers.

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