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Notice of the 8th International Cerebrovascular Disease Summit Conference


Dear Director / Nurse:


The 8th International Cerebrovascular Disease Summit will be held in Nanjing from July 6 to 8, 2012. The session was jointly organized by Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region, Nanjing Institute of Neurology, Nanjing University Medical College, Interventional Neurology and World Stroke Organization (WSO). The meeting will invite well-known experts at home and abroad for cerebrovascular disease, neurological intervention and specialist care and other hot issues to study, and cerebrovascular intervention surgery demonstration. Organizing Committee sincerely invite you to participate in this year's academic event, I wish you a happy meeting!

Meeting time: July 6, 2012 all day report, 6-8 meeting.

Meeting place: Jiangsu Province Convention Center (Zhongshan Hotel), No. 307 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing

Registration fee: June 30 before 800 yuan / person (including June 30), June 30 after 1,000 yuan / person, students with student card attendance 600 yuan / person (including information fee)

Accommodation: arranged by the General Assembly, accommodation costs themselves

Housing standards: Jiangsu Province Convention Center (Zhongshan Hotel), 200 yuan / day / person, double room

Credits: Registered representatives receive 8 consecutive points in the National Continuing Medical Education Class I credits

Registration: through the conference site, telephone, text messages, e-mail registration

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