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2011 Nurses Theory Test


In order to promote the level of nursing staff at all levels to improve the level of the nursing department in the fourth quarter of this year on the hospital at all levels of nursing staff conducted a theoretical examination, the examination process we can strictly abide by the examination room discipline to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination. Examination results, of which the highest level of primary staff is divided into 99.5 points, the highest level of intermediate staff is divided into 98.5 points, the examination reflects the basic level of knowledge of nursing staff in our hospital ideal. Nursing Department will be based on the results of the examination, the hospital presented to the outstanding achievements of the reward. 
2012, we will increase the basic theoretical knowledge of nursing staff training and assessment efforts, while strengthening the professional ethics of nursing staff, to promote nursing staff to establish the spirit of love and dedication, enhance the learning consciousness, so as to improve the overall care of our hospital Level.

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