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What is the family dependency during the hospitalization of hemiplegic patients?


Hemiplegia patients with acute hospitalization in time, to control the disease development, promote functional recovery, improve the quality of life will play a positive role. And during the hospital to ensure that the patient emotional stability, as soon as possible to adapt to the environment, and actively cooperate with the doctor in the process of treatment, family members play an important role. What should the escort family do?

the first. To be calm, face the facts, do not have any stimulation of the patient's behavior, with the doctor to take active treatment measures.

second. To appease the patient, to lift the patient's concerns, so that it is willing to receive treatment.

third. To actively communicate with the doctor, keep abreast of the patient's condition, be aware of.

fourth. Reasonable arrangement of time. As the patient during hospitalization and treatment of more items, therefore, according to the guidance of doctors or nurses, arrange inspection, treatment of the project time, so that neither leakage, but also to avoid patient fatigue.

fifth. Diet care. According to the diet requirements of hemiplegic patients, hospital nutritionists will be reasonable diet.Therefore, should try to choose the hospital for the treatment of diet.

sixth. Observation of condition. During the hospital, the doctor and the nurse will observe the patient's condition at any time, but for some sudden or subtle changes such as the patient suddenly restless, love to sleep, the urine is not normal, the family should promptly find the reaction to the doctor or nurse, so that the doctor nurses symptomatic treatment The

Seventh, take care of patients between the families to do a good job shift, to account for the patient's current situation, such as the patient sleep, urine, diet, check the treatment of doctors or nurses on patients, accompanied by the requirements and hospital Aspects of the provisions, etc., at the same time to change the escort situation to tell doctors and nurses.

Eighth, to ensure that the patient's hygiene, including hair, face, mouth, hand, foot, skin, vulva, etc., to replace the clothes, to ensure patient comfort. For critically ill patients, to help nurses do the above work.

Ninth, the discharge should remember the doctor nurses account of the note, in order to do after the discharge of home care.

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