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How to do the reintegration of hemiplegic patients


Hemiplegia patients in the hospital after a period of systematic treatment after discharge home, how to face a new life, here we mention a few suggestions:

⑴ to face up to physical disability, firm rehabilitation of patients with confidence to accept the reality of physical disorders, recognizing that their limbs like a newborn development, need a long recovery process. There is an old saying called "sick to mountain down, sick to such as spinning." This requires patients to establish rehabilitation confidence, the courage to face the reality, take the initiative in accordance with the People's Health Publishing House Professor Chi Mingyu editor of "hemiplegic patients with physical rehabilitation method" for long-term functional exercise, as soon as possible to learn self-care ability. In addition to in accordance with the "hemiplegic patients with physical rehabilitation methods," the formal training of limbs, but also should pay attention to the development of health potential, and always remain optimistic.

⑵ to courage to integrate into society, love life hemiplegia patients have a lot of concerns, fear of family despair, fear of discrimination by others, fear of economic burden is too heavy, afraid of illness repeatedly, at any time to lose life. They are all in the mind of this worry all day, and this concern is detrimental to the recovery of the body. They should be encouraged to participate in the domestic work and social activities, such as: knitting sweaters, calligraphy, painting, practicing qigong, etc., to enhance their fun for life, to distract their bad feelings, to improve self-confidence and the sense of survival, Rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation.

⑶ rehabilitation is a long-term project, to persevere ① hemiplegic patients to rehabilitation activities throughout the daily life. Some patients in the hospital training in accordance with the guidance of rehabilitation practitioners to complete the training, but a home to forget. In fact, in the hospital rehabilitation training time, after all, limited, and the recovery process of hemiplegia is slow, need a long time repeated training, in order to speed up and consolidate the rehabilitation effect. ② focus on the basic skills of the action training, can not be anxious. The formal action to form a habit. ③ should be in accordance with the People's Health Publishing House Professor Chiming Yu and other editor of "hemiplegic patients with physical rehabilitation method", in the family to help family members to help or guide the completion of homework training.

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