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The daily care of stroke patients


Some patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, blood diseases, tumors, etc., after the fracture of the patient, as well as stroke, brain trauma caused by hemiplegia patients, after a period of time after the hospital treatment can go home Rehabilitation period of treatment. These patients because most of them can not get up activities, but only bed rest, so the weight of the body long-term oppression somewhere in the organization, so that the skin, subcutaneous tissue long-term supply of arterial blood, resulting in tissue ischemia, Swelling, ulceration, necrosis and a series of changes, medicine is called bed sores.Therefore, the long illness bedridden patients, especially the elderly, it should pay special attention to some points.

First of all, the patient should often stand up to reduce the pressure of local organizations; for those who can not turn their own patients, the family to help them regularly turn over to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores.

Due to bedtime is too long, will cause poor expectoration, and the occurrence of hypostatic pneumonia. Therefore, the patient should constantly change the position. Here, accompanied by a talk about the patient often use some of the body position, there are supine position, lateral position, half sitting, sitting position, prone position, head low feet high, head high low, knee chest and so on And so on. Different positions have different effects. Such as the occurrence of hypothyroidism in patients with pneumonia can take the head low to facilitate the drainage of pulmonary secretions; such as the emergence of the buttocks bed sores, you can take prone position or lateral position.

In addition, to keep the bed flat, soft, dry sheets, the skin clean, it is best to use warm water every day to clean the local tissue, so that local skin blood transport can be improved. Indoor to regular window ventilation to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity. The temperature of the bed should also be careful not to be too cold or too hot, especially to prevent hot water bag burns. To help patients turn over, massage, bed use the toilet, be careful not to push, drag, pull, so as not to damage the local skin, because the skin is not easy to heal after injury, easily induced bed sores.

Finally, but also to ensure the supply of patients with systemic nutrition. Because of this long-term bedridden patients, the need for rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and other nutritious foods, especially protein supplements are more important because it is necessary for tissue growth to repair the necessary nutrients. It should be noted that, because the patient long bed, a small amount of activity, reduce bowel movements, it is easy to cause constipation, so, while supplementing nutrition, pay attention to crude fiber food supplement.

If the patient accidentally suffering from bed sores, it is necessary to go to the hospital dressing treatment, or in accordance with the principle of dressing, at home, aseptic techniques and a variety of drugs for dressing to promote the early recovery of bed sores.

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