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Computer thrombosis


With the popularity of computers, and computer-related diseases are increasing, the mouse hand, cervical spondylosis, dry eye and so we are very familiar with, and computer thrombosis may we still do not understand. Computerized thrombosis is due to a long time in the computer before the work caused by pulmonary embolism. 
Computer thrombosis is actually what medicine called venous thrombosis. The blood of the human body has a lot of clotting ingredients, the blood flow in the blood vessels when they are not caused by blood coagulation; only when the vascular injury, blood flow out of the blood vessels, these coagulation substances will play a role in promoting the outflow of blood Coagulation, blocking the blood vessels break, play a hemostatic effect. But in some special circumstances, the blood will occur in the blood vessels within the blood clotting phenomenon, that is, the formation of thrombosis. Causes thrombosis factors such as blood stasis, vascular damage, high blood coagulation and so on. 
Long time to operate the computer, people tend to be in a high degree of tension or focus on the state, will not find any discomfort of the lower limbs, so that the lower extremity vein for a long time pressure; plus the lower limbs away from the heart, easy to leg blood flow Poor heart, the blood is almost at rest (blood stasis) and produce coagulation, leading to thrombosis. 
Early symptoms of computer thrombosis are spontaneous leg pain, swelling, local fever, walking pain, and even cause can not walk. The disease if not timely treatment, can cause venous occlusion and venous valve damage, lower extremity venous thrombosis shed to the lungs, will likely lead to fatal pulmonary embolism. Some patients will appear on one side or both sides of limb pain, swelling, if not found in time, the patient is likely to sudden death. 
Computer workers should take the following precautions: clothing and shoes and socks to be loose; sitting in front of the computer or online games 1 to 2 hours, they should stand up and exercise, do calf and foot movement, or run or jump, Or swing legs, or stretch the lower limbs, or do squatting and other actions to speed up the lower limb blood circulation; drink plenty of water, do not smoke, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine beverages; daily life should pay attention to do not eat high fat, high Sugar, high salt diet, adhere to the diet light and nutritious; eat more rich in vitamin C and vitamin E foods such as black fungus, tomatoes, eat more rich in cellulose oatmeal and fresh vegetables.

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