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Prevention of daily maintenance of thrombosis


First, do not sit for a long time to sit, to strengthen the long-term activities of long-term sedentary, sit 1 hour must play up the lower limbs, or run or jump, or swing legs, always in the lower limb blood flow to prevent thrombosis. For those who stay in bed sickness, family members should be for their lower limb passive activities; or massage or hot water wipe, adhere to each day on the afternoon to do 1, each time more than 30 minutes.

Second, pay attention to diet, purification of blood thrombosis and blood lipid levels, high blood viscosity, so do not eat high-fat, high sugar, high salt diet, adhere to the diet light and nutritious; eat rich in vitamin C and vitamins E foods to reduce blood fat, thrombolysis; eat more rich in cellulose oatmeal and fresh vegetables to clean the blood of the lipid, lower blood viscosity; also drink plenty of water or light tea to dilute the blood.

Third, anticoagulant thrombolytic, therapeutic diet to prevent thrombosis in addition to the above two points, but also need to eat the following anticoagulant thrombolytic effect of therapeutic diet. 1. Edible fungus apple soup: black fungus 6 grams of warm water up, with fresh vegetables 1 slice, boiled soup. Drink before meals. 2. Orange velvet soup: take orange network 6 grams, 15 grams of turmeric boiled soup, often drink. Orange network is the orange petals on the network, there are phlegm lipid-lowering blood circulation effect. Turmeric contains curcumin, can reduce blood fat, anti-platelet aggregation, but also dissolve thrombosis. 3. Sesame oil fried tomatoes: take red tomato 2, washed and cut into pieces, with 50 grams of sesame oil fried Serve. Table food consumption. Tomato with tomato factor, can reduce platelet activity, the role of thrombolysis, known as the natural thrombolytic agent. Sesame oil is rich in natural vitamin E, can also dissolve thrombosis. 4. Onion wine: take fresh onion 1, washed and cut into pieces, placed 15 minutes after soaking in red wine 500 ml, one day after drinking. Onion with sulfide, allicin, can reduce blood fat, purify the blood; also contains prostaglandin A2, can dilate blood vessels, anti-thrombosis.Red wine contains resveratrol, its antioxidant effect is stronger than vitamin E, can reduce blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis.

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