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Elderly drink water before going to bed to prevent thrombosis


Elderly, suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia, drink plenty of water before going to bed at night, it is possible to prevent fatal infarction. 
Some elderly people are afraid of urinating at night, do not want to drink water before going to sleep. In fact, the elderly bladder atrophy, reduced capacity, no water, at night or to urinate. Studies have shown that no water at night, but also lead to plasma concentration, increased blood viscosity, platelet aggregation hyperthyroidism, which may promote the body thrombosis. 
A Japanese university survey of 66-year-old male elderly, nocturnal drinking water and no drinking water compared to the blood viscosity were significantly different, especially in the early morning of thrombosis, the difference is more obvious. 
Elderly drink a glass of water before going to bed to protect peace.

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