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Postpartum timely exercise antithrombotic


Women shortly after birth, prone to thrombosis, which is due to increased blood coagulation factors in women during pregnancy, so that the blood is in a state of hypercoagulable, and has been maintained until the postpartum period of time.

In addition, the uterus increased oppression of the inferior vena cava, so that blood reflux blocked. If coupled with postpartum women suffering from certain diseases, or cesarean section after long bed, so that slow blood flow, easily lead to thrombosis. Lower extremity venous thrombosis may occur lower limb pain, difficulty walking; pelvic thrombosis for abdominal pain, high fever, lower extremity tenderness, skin redness and edema; pulmonary embolism showed chest pain, difficulty breathing. Deep vein emboli small, easy to fall off, if blocked pulmonary artery, can lead to sudden death of patients.

Therefore, postpartum women should leave the bed early activities. Natural childbirth, can be done 24 hours postpartum minor activities; cesarean section can be postponed to the third day after surgery.

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